Painting the Couch?

It’s official. I’ve got the couch. The large, wide, dog poop brown couch. Just no cushions It’s from Levitz originally. What do you expect? I keep thinking of ways to change it since obviously I don’t LOVE it and it’s worth maybe $100 to sell. Might as well have fun right? Found this post from YoungHouseLove (who else guys, really) altho I should actually go back and finish reading what Sherry had to say about her own experience…meh, on with the show! It’s a tutorial for painting a wing-back chair a bolder blue than the original. Seems easy enough, two diluted coats fabric paint and one coat acrylic. The work and materials are never the problem to me. What I am worried about is the texture of the after product. Kristy Swain, Creator of Hyphen Interiors (and also H-town native and UT alum, separated twin??) says::

It started out as a velvet fabric. It is not soft like velvet anymore, but it is also not hard, crunchy or sand papery. It’s like a stiffer rougher fabric, similar to burlap.

She also included links to others that have tried her tutorial, where descriptions of “soft fuzzy vinyl” and “painted canvas” don’t help solidify this idea. Sure, I could always just try it on the bottom side of the couch first or perhaps even a cushion that I could always stick in the washer if it failed miserably… I do love a good Apple-Z option! This of course is in response to another thought I had to dye the couch surface. This resource showed it’s possible (really she painted but treated it like dye by washing it out at the end) but most definitely NOT worth it. I’d like to think I know when to step away from a stress ridden DIY. Then again I could always just do the back of the couch and the arms and keep the cushions soft and nap-worthy. Anyhoo here’s the couch in it’s current state (sorry ladies, it’s the only couch picture I have! Yep. Those four years of loving this couch is surely evident.) Sorry ladies, only picture I had Only time will tell what happens to this guy. XOX