Pinterest Challenge — Judi Style

Okay, here’s my very first pinterest challenge. Well I don’t know how to label it as “first” but it’s the first one that I specifically said I’d do about 18 weeks ago (seriously Pinterest? Can’t give a girl an actual date??). I mean sure I’ve collected pet hair using dish gloves (hardly seems like a challenge..), I’ve tried and failed but not given up yet on re-purposing a leather belt into kitchen cabinet handles, and I’ve even done the easiest one ever which is labeling my paint colors via stirring stick/leftover shim (I bet Martha invented Pinterest). Hell I’ve even added casters to my dining room table #LASTNIGHT, but I digress, as nothing counts unless you’ve taken pictures of the progression. So here we go!

Take one old ikea rug


::post flooding, thanks Irene::

add a great joke pun

(+ great design by etsy seller WilliamDohman ) WilliamDohman STFD

times a $1 paint sample from the Lowe’s reject bin

Peaceful Leaf

and the ol’ Rasterbator, the DIY large image maker,

equals a nice, tongue-in-cheek welcome home!

Frankie isn’t amused/doesn’t get it.

So if you were paying attention it’s::

IR + STFD(+WD) x L(R) = PS

ahem, that’s Pensive Stare by yours truly. ❤

Now to finish the wall of water blue/aquas that’s been in media res since June…